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November 30, 2023

Welcome! The Open Curriculum: A Guide to Evaluating Student Portfolios is the culmination of observations and documentations of choice-based student artwork over twenty years. The results are numerous rubrics and lesson designs that grew out of the choices students made which met curricular goals. Grading artwork seemed to be so unlike the thinking processes an artist uses to communicate their ideas.

         In this book, I hope to encourage young art teachers to follow cues from their students and permit them to differentiate the art curriculum. Once you begin teaching in this way, you will not be able to go back to the same standardized assignments for all students. They will all make different choices for subject matter or media and techniques. The results are original, one of a kind expressions that have meaning for each student. It is instruction and evaluation that clearly challenges students towards proficiency and even mastery of an art domain.  

          For example, the following rubric documents growth in the elements of art. Because there are a variety of lists that can be found for the elements, the rubric represents the five most common: line, shape, value, color...


Tags: choice-based learning, differentiated instruction, elements of art, rubrics

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