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Framing MI Theory: Adaptive Strengths

Art Smart Bible Camp 2016 will begin the week of July 11th-15th, 9am-12pm, at Christ Presbyterian Church, 944 E. Gorham St., Madison, WI. Recommended for ages 5-10 the instruction will include stories of Creation through the Resurrection of Christ. I am Nationally Board Certified/EAYA with over thirty years of art education experience. Students will be provided with a wide variety of media and subject matter from which they will develop a personal viewpoint. Options include drawing, painting, jewelry, printmaking, weaving, sculpture and ceramics including the potter's wheel.  Participants may sign up with a $50. materials fee.  See the flyer on left menu bar for more information.

Dates, Times and Location

July 18th-22nd and August 1st-5th

9am-12pm Monday through Friday

Christ Presbyterian Church

944 E. Gorham St., Madison WI 

Advanced Placement: Studio Art Exams

     The Advanced Placement Studio Art Exams are digital portfolios which can be submitted by any high school student for college credit.  There are no course requirements for taking the exam, only registering through a guidance counselor or AP Coordinator at the student's high school and paying for the exam.  The art credits can be used to waive introductory art courses or as elective humanities credits at the college level.  Exams are submitted in early May and results received mid-July.  This portfolio exam which emphasizes originality and creativity is the model that I use for art instruction with all students.  I invite any interested students to contact me this summer to develop your portfolio of work!



Please register by sending your child's name, age and the times for which they will attend to the email account below.  Supply fees will be due the first day of the session.

Artist's Biography

As a calligrapher, I became interested in making 'illuminations' which are scriptural texts painted with metallic gold inks. These verses when written upon our hearts reflect God's spirit and light in the world. The commissioned work that followed led me to incorporate iconographic images, from early Christian art, as somewhat of a reclamation of my own faith in Christ. My pastels in prose are Jungian in the sense that they are responses to an inner sense of self often buried beneath layers of conscious thought and words. The pencil drawings were inspired by the recent move of a couple in their eighties, leaving their home after sixty years. The drawings are interspersed throughout a scrapbook of photos capturing the warmth and feel of a home where so many found refuge and love. The flower pieces are about our commonality as spiritual beings, growth and bloom, then fade leaving beauty as a memory......